The Social Coffee Network

"The Bean that Bonds"

SANTA MONICA, CA – Santa Monica entrepreneur Spyros Dellaportas has unveiled a new social network site called EnjoyYourCoffee.net. The goal of EnjoyYourCoffee.net is to connect coffee drinkers around the world through an online platform. The idea of the network hatched less than a year ago. Starting each morning with a group of coffee lovers that meet at Peet’s coffee shop on Montana Avenue in sunny Southern California, it occurred to Spyros that the daily in-person coffee camaraderie that the groups shared in Santa Monica could be facilitated globally via the internet. Spyros formed a group on Facebook called Enjoy Your Coffee and began posting coffee-related photos, jokes and trivia. Within a few short months there were over 4,000 group members from six continents posting and liking coffee-related photos and opinions, seemingly expressed in as many languages as Facebook supports. That was when Spyros recognized the power of the [coffee] bean that bonds, inspiring him to create his “coffee shop without walls.” On EnjoyYourCoffee.net, members will be able to establish virtual connections with other coffee lovers around the world, forging friendships, networking, and having fun while discovering how fellow bean fiends live, work and relax. The platform will offer the opportunity to interact with old friends, meet new ones, and join international groups that offer unlimited possibilities of mutual interests afforded by a common love of coffee. In some instances, the relationships formed will spill over from the virtual to the actual, in ways designed to benefit all participants. For example, prior to a tourist’s trip to France, he or she could identify EnjoyYourCoffee.net members in areas where the trip will be taking place, ensuring an in person network of acquaintances on the ground. Spyros envisions further growth of the online community through coffee-related news feeds from a wide selection of media outlets, links to articles, and posting of photos and videos. He believes the site will be “one of the largest 24/7 coffee destinations on the internet.” Another unique feature will be a page for coffee industry professionals to e-meet and share best business practices and products. Members will be able to connect on pages that feature particular interests in addition to coffee, such as hobbies, sports, foods, fashion, travel, and philosophy. Blogging opportunities will be ample. EnjoyYourCoffee.net will feature a quick, no hassle, secure signup process, a question and answer section, topical forums, members-only classified ads, coffee products for sale, a calendar of coffee related events worldwide, and chat capabilities. Additional ideas are also being planned a bit down the line, including a dating section and a Spanish language version to be followed by the inclusion of other languages. For Spyros, the key intention of the site is to link coffee lovers around the world, finding common “ground” - in coffee and life - amongst the aficionados. “People have been enjoying coffee since 1530, when the first coffee house was opened in Damascus, Syria, notes Spyros. “Now with the Enjoy Your Coffee social coffee networking platform, coffee lovers can be united in a worldwide virtual realm. Isn’t that what coffee shops originally did and still do? We want to take this a giant step further because coffee truly is the bean that bonds.