Global Grounds

Global Grounds is a unique EnjoyYourCoffee member-based navigation system that provides the location of fellow coffee aficionados scattered about the four corners of the earth. The system is freely accessible to anyone with an EYC membership and is maintained by our members, who simply click on their respective flag to be part of the experience. Once part of this worldwide, coffee-loving movement, we encourage you to give a shout out about your favorite, local coffee shop. Share your expert local knowledge of the best baristas, the friendliest coffee connoisseurs and the must-see, must-do attractions, that only a local insider knows. Spare traveling EYC members the horrors of suffering inferior coffee through ignorance. Transform your "virtual" coffee-loving friends into "real" ones with a face to face meeting when your online friends visit your country. Let's strive to ensure superior bean brewed beverages for EYC members wherever they may roam.